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#ThreeGoodThings Part 3: Rare Blood Types, First Dates and a Handbag Hero

#ThreeGoodThings Part 3: Rare Blood Types, First Dates and a Handbag Hero

Welcome to Week Three of our #threegoodthings experiment! We're determined to bring happy news, lighthearted stories and warm fuzzies to you each week. Because we all need some positivity these days. 

This week I found stories about a handbag hero, rare blood types and sweet first dates. Plus check out the bonus video at the end! 

90 Year Old Vet Finally Gets a Date with Long Lost High School Sweetheart

Image: © Alana Curtis

89 year old Lauris Hiner was shocked when she began receiving phone calls and flowers from a mysterious man named Paul after her husband passed away. It turned out that this Paul was the same man that she'd dated about 70 years ago while the two were in high school. 

Paul had gone off to war while she remained in school and the two lost touch. They both married other people and had several children. Years later, Paul got word that Lauris's husband had passed away. He had also lost his wife, and so he decided it was time to pursue his high school sweetheart once again.  

Paul and Lauris finally went on a date in Seattle, Washington where the romance has been rekindled. Despite some nerves, the date went beautifully and the two plan to see each other again soon. 

Read more here


Homeless Handbag Hero Gets a Second Chance  


You might have heard about Glasgow's "Homeless Handbag Hero" who stood guard outside of a car in the pouring rain after noticing a purse filled with cash was left unattended.

The car's windows were rolled down and no one was around, so James John McGeown waited outside the car to ensure the safety of the woman's bag. He made sure that it was returned to her completely intact. 

After his story was posted, many citizens wanted to give back to this unlikely hero. They raised enough money to cover McGeown's 3 week stay at a detox center to help him beat the alcoholism that he'd been struggling with. 

Plus, this selfless hero has received a flood of messages from people across the city offering him future accommodation, training and jobs when he finishes his program. 

See more here. 


Bengaluru Man with Rare Blood Type Travels 6 Hours to Help a Woman in Childbirth


A woman in India with a very rare blood type was rushed to the hospital in labor when the doctors realized that they didn't have any of her blood type in storage. The doctors knew that her delivery would be a difficult one and they would need to have blood on hand in order to keep her safe. 

After exhausting all their contacts and resources, one visitor volunteered to help. He sent messages to a few different groups, a man named Aditya Hegde stepped up to save the day. 

Hegde traveled from Bengaluru to Chennai, a journey that takes over 6 hours by train, to donate his blood and ensure the safe delivery of the newborn. 

Find out more here


And now, an adorable video of two girls who found a fun dance partner while waiting for their Southwest flight. 

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