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#Threegoodthings Part 2: Accents, Rubber Shoes and Warm Coats

#Threegoodthings Part 2: Accents, Rubber Shoes and Warm Coats

Last week we started a new experiment titled #threegoodthings, where we share positive vibes, happy thoughts and good news once a week. 

This week we've collected more good news from around the world. Check out the latest stories that made me smile below. 

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback last week! If you want to keep seeing these emails, let me know here

English teacher from Liverpool teaches students to speak in Scouse accent... and it's adorable

While teaching English in Taiwan, Mr. Adam-John Whittaker incorporated a little something more into his lesson plans. 

Whittaker is originally from Liverpool. As many of you know, residents from this area often have a very distinct accent known as Scouse. Whittaker explains that the kids (and their parents!) love his accent, so he wanted to do a mini course in Scouse. 

Check out the video above and see these cute kids learn sayings like, "What's 'appenin?" "ay" "swerve it" and "now den". 


An Argentinian Start-up Turns Trash Into Opportunity 

Argentina disposes of over 100,000 tons of rubber from car tires every year. This has caused huge environmental concern. Alejandro Malgor and two of his friends, Ezequiel Gatti and Nazareno El Hom decided to start a business that would make a huge impact for their home country. 

These innovators began a company that aimed to make shoes from the old tire scraps. Going above and beyond, they focus on hiring single mothers. This provides the women with reliable income, safe working conditions and returns dignity to mothers who have struggled in the workforce. 

Find out more here


Crossing Guard Sets Up Free Coat Rack for Middle School Students In Need

Minnie Galloway is a crossing guard in Wilmington, North Carolina where every day she saw students headed to school without jackets and shivering in just their t-shirts.

Many of their parents couldn't afford the winter essentials, so Minnie went to the local Salvation Army and picked up 30 winter coats that she gave away to kids in need. 

She says that any of the coats that aren't picked up by her kids will be donated to a local church organization that helps transition kids in the foster care system. 

Read more here



Here's a cute, but grumpy, kitty that crashed a nativity scene in Queens NY.

Photo credit: Brooke Goldman

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