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#ThreeGoodThings - Puppies, Dance Parties and Airplanes

#ThreeGoodThings - Puppies, Dance Parties and Airplanes

World news can be a bit of a downer sometimes, so we wanted to try to combat that by spreading some positivity and good vibes. We've decided to try a feel-good experiment for the next three weeks. 

Once a week, I'll share a #threegoodthings post and email that is chalk full of warm fuzzies, smiles and good news from all around the world. If you love this stuff, let us know! 

Check out the first round of stories that made us smile:


6-year-old Becomes a Pilot for a Day 

When a young boy named Adam Mohammad Amer boarded a flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi, he had no idea that his dreams were about to come true...  

Adam was so excited about the plane and as soon as he boarded, began explaining how the plane worked and sharing his knowledge with everyone around him. The crew took notice of him immediately. 

They decided to bring Adam to the cockpit to meet the pilot. That's when they realized he wasn't just any enthusiastic passenger - this kid new a LOT about the mechanics of airplanes. He explained details that most adults would never know. 

The friendly pilot invited him to their training academy where Adam got to be a pilot for a day. 

A New Puppy for an Old Friend 

Out in the small town of Howard County, Texas, coworkers of a beloved janitor found out that the man's dog had recently passed away from old age. They knew the janitor's birthday was coming up so they got together and planned the perfect surprise gift.

On his birthday, custodian Floyd Green, arrived at work and was greeted with a mysterious box. Watch the full reveal and see his reaction to the furry surprise in the video above. 

Canadians Dance Their Way Through Plane Delay:

How many times have you faced flight delays? Usually they mean naps on the floor, or extra expenses at the airport restaurant. After hearing that their flight from Toronto to St. Johns was facing massive delays, Sheldon Thornhill and Sean Sullivan decided to make the most of the unpleasant situation. 

The two pulled out an accordion and guitar and began to play for the crowd. Before long, everyone was singing, dancing and having a great time. 

See the Facebook video for #airportgoals. 


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