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Every trip has a great story and every story is worth remembering.

We all have the awe-inspiring travel stories, ones of personal transformation, relationships, and adventures. 

But there are also those ridiculous stories that are best told over a good meal and drinks with friends. You know the stories we’re talking about...

Travel brings us closer to relationships back home and abroad. 

It opens up our global awareness.

Maps help capture special moments you don’t ever want to forget.

They are the perfect vehicle for remembering stories, starting up conversations, and inspiring the next adventure.

Our goal at Landmass is to promote global literacy and awareness through travel.

Since 2014 we’ve created products to encourage exploration.

What is it like there? 

What is the culture like? 

How about the food? 

How do people show care for one another? 

We certainly take a lot of care in how we treat others:

  • Everything we make is backed with a lifetime guarantee.
  • We use only the highest-quality materials to ensure your spaces look great when you hang up our products.
  • Our customer service will treat you like family - quick and personal responses and dedicated to fixing the issue.

What story do you want to remember?

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