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Travel is more important than ever. It opens your eyes to new ideas, people, and ways of being.

Travel is the great connector.

We’ve partnered with Fund for Education Abroad and National Geographic to help fund two study abroad grants a year for students who otherwise wouldn’t have the option to travel. 

As we grow in our business we hope to be able to fund more travel grants.

Every purchase you make is a step closer to sending a student on a life-changing adventure.



They stand for the same principles we do: learn about work, life, love, happiness, and a bunch of other stuff by leaving your bubble and living abroad. They work primarily in communities that have fewer opportunities to travel. Our hope is that the student’s experience opens doors and inspires others.

We sent at least one student a year abroad through our partnership.


Our partnership with National Geographic is one that is very near and dear to our hearts: their passion to help people push boundaries of what is possible not only from a problem-solving and “national” point of view but a worldly one as well, is the reason why we love contributing to their Early Career Grants. 


They say it best: “the people who receive these grants share a common set of values that guides them in their pursuit to better understand our planet and its critical interconnections. We expect our explorers to wield their collective power of science, exploration, education, and storytelling to change the world.”