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Map Hats

Map Hats by Landmass

Our map hats are a magnet for other travelers. They're perfect for those who want to meet like-minded adventurers on the road or while at home. Start conversations, share stories and inspire your next adventure with the expertly designed map hats. Choose from three classic options: World Explorer, San Francisco or New York City. 

Map Hat Details:

Each hat features a carefully designed map across 6 panels to satisfy your inner nerd. Each panel represents a major area.

Hats come with suede brims and leather straps.

Plus these map hats have a mission: a portion of Landmass profits go to study abroad grants to help improve global literacy. We work with National Geographic and Fund for Education abroad to further our goal of helping more people travel and see the world. 


Originally a personal project, our founder Alfred was convinced to bring the World Explorer hat to the travel community after friends (or strangers whom he had just met) pleaded to purchase it off his head for outrageous sums, or tried to "accidentally" go home with it on their heads. The map hats allow explorers to build connections, break the ice and meet new people wherever they go. 

Map Hats