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Best Travel-Inspired Halloween Costumes + Scary Campfire Stories

Best Travel-Inspired Halloween Costumes + Scary Campfire Stories

We're gearing up for Hallo-weekend and I'm a huge fan of everything creepy and spooky, so I wanted to share a collection of my favorite campfire stories and spooky DIY costumes

Scary Campfire Stories Perfect for Halloween:

These tales are perfect for friends old and new, so whether you're traveling or celebrating Halloween at home, you'll have the entertainment for the evening covered. 
Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark- by Alvin Schwartz (my elementary school favorite)

10 Travel Bloggers's Scariest Stories - By Alyssa Ramos of HuffPost (for some travel inspired thrills)

Scary Travel Stories by Anita Duffin of (maybe wait to read these until you get back from vacation...)

19 Haunting Ghost Stories by Audrey Webster of

Best Travel-Inspired Halloween Costumes 

In case you're still without a costume, we've collected a few of the easiest travel-inspired costumes you can throw together at the last minute.
Happy haunting!

Travel Bug
Wrap a map around your waist as a skirt, throw some curled pipe cleaners in your hair and you're officially a travel bug! 

Tacky Tourist
For an easy last minute costume, the "tacky tourist" is a simple and fun outfit to pull together. We'd recommend a fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt, visor, tall socks with sandals and a disposable camera. Bonus: you'll probably end up with some great photos from the night. 

Where's Waldo
All you need is a red and white striped shirt, a striped hat and some round glasses. Sure, you might have people "finding" you all night, but that could come in handy if you're bar hopping. 

Carmen Sandiego
Here's another classic costume that everyone will love. Just throw on a red trench coat and red wide-brimmed hat. Add black gloves and tall black boots. Done and done. 

Have a perfect Halloween travel tale or themed costume? Send me your spooky travel photos and stories for a chance to appear in our blog! Reach me at

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