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What does your state want to know about Cinco de Mayo?

What does your state want to know about Cinco de Mayo?

It doesn’t feel great to see that states are searching “what is cinco de mayo?” ON CINCO DE MAYO. Get it together Wisconsin and Texas… TEXAS, SERIOUSLY?!

In general, it’s a bummer to discover that people don’t seem concerned with what Cinco de Mayo is all about or how Mexicans celebrate on May 5. But before we get too obsessed with what this map seems to be screaming at us, let’s cover a couple bases:

This map illustrates the most commonly googled Cinco de Mayo *related* search terms on May 5, 2017, NOT the top Google search query in general for each state. This map is part of an article that compares Google search terms by each state on May 5 2017 to the searches on May 5 2016. It’s an interesting and fun article to read, but it does seem a little glorified.

So we took to Google Trends. We set the date to May 5, 2017 and we found that the top Cinco de Mayo related search query for most states was actually “cinco de mayo history” or “cinco de mayo 2017.” Those terms don’t make for a very fun or interesting map (which is why we didn’t make one), we get it, but we have to give the states a little more credit!

In fact, the most googled search query on May 5, 2017 in the United States was “cinco de mayo history.” It seems to us that even if the U.S. has a bad wrap for using Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to eat Tex Mex and take tequila shots, a lot of people are still curious to know *why* they are celebrating.


This is our first blog post where we dig into a map posted online, and we honestly did NOT expect to find a difference in the data illustrated. We welcome conversation and comments on this map and the data it illustrates, as well as our article! And we hope everyone has a great day celebrating *and learning about the history of* Cinco de Mayo! Thanks for reading!

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