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20 Weirdest AirBnb Properties

20 Weirdest AirBnb Properties


Resting your head somewhere odd in the world, most likely, will lead to memorable experiences. 

For many years later, you'll be able to recall the night you slept inside a giant dog, or perhaps, shared a room with George Washington

This is a list, in no particular order, of the top 20 weirdest AirBnb properties around the world. You'll find the entire spectrum of weirdness; beautiful to straight nuts. Enjoy! 

Garbage House, Brazil

Called the “Cabana Floripa,” this fabulous casa is built entirely out of recycled materials from nearby demolished mansions. Look forward to waking up completely submerged in brightly colored, second-hand beauty. It’s creator and host, Jaime, is an Uruguayan visual artist who settled on the north side of the Brazilian Island, Florianópolis, 30 years ago. Soon after settling, he decided to build a wicked, Willy-Wonka-esque house and now rents it to lucky individuals on Airbnb.

Historical Nakagin Capsule Tower, Japan

An absolute architectural treasure, this capsulated tower was built in 1972 by Kisho Kurokawa and represents an example of “Japanese Metabolism, a movement that became enigmatic of Japan’s postwar cultural resurgence.” You’re basically living within the walls of architectural history. If you’re claustrophobic, maybe you should sit this one out.

The Seashell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico 

There are people who choose to only live near the beach, and then there are people who live in giant seashells in Cancun, Mexico. Even the Airbnb description reads, “and across the street, the Caribbean sea.” You can’t live closer to a heavenly, idealistic beach setting than this. And now it’s on Airbnb!

Mushroom Dome Cabin, US

Amid Redwood mangroves, deep in the woods, lies a cabin with the geometry of a kaleidoscope. The interior pictures make the ‘shroom structure seem roomier than it is, but I’m sure if there’s a size limitation, there won’t be a comfort or enjoyment limitation. Here’s to triangles making a comeback in modern architecture!

Las Vistas, Santa Cruz Lake Atitlan

Voted most unique AirBnb, 2014, this lakeside home is magically quirky and downright gorgeous. Do yourself a favor and go through the rest of the photos on AirBnb. Warm colors and style galore! Oh, and a stupidly beautiful lake view on top of it. At this point, it’s almost unnecessary. And for only 75 dollars a night, it’s probably one of the most cost-efficient to beauty ratios on AirBnB. 

Secluded Intown Treehouse, Georgia, US

Do most children go through a tree-house phase? I feel like I still haven’t quite gotten over mine. Especially with this Airbnb treehouse properties, who’s to say I have to get over my treehouse fantasies anytime soon?

Gypsy Wagon in Medieval Village, France

Become a gypsy amidst modernity. Not only is this quaint cart of a house described as a “gypsy wagon,” but it’s located inside a medieval village! That’s got to be someone’s dream twice over.

Bird Island, Placencia, Belize

This is an Airbnb property that expresses itself through that it’s photos. What else is there to say? There’s a pleasant house, on a private island, in the middle of a coral reef. This is surely a winning combination.

Original Mongolian Yurt, Dresden, Germany

I’ve never slept in a Yurt before, but these AirBnb pictures this highly detailed Yurt in Germany is making me strongly consider it. The attention to detail, especially with the intricate coloring, makes this yurt “fabulous.” If I had a “top five” favorite yurts of all time list, this Yurt would be number one, hands-down. Yurty.

Geodesic Dome and Cozy Space, Spain

Back to living simply. This geodome is located in the middle of peaceful wildlife and stunning scenery. Enjoy the breeze in your personal outdoor shower followed by lounging in a hammock. Your itinerary for the day may not get much more complicated than that.

Brand New Studio Earthship, US

The designer of this “hobbit-home 2.0” calls it an “Earthship.” It’s “totally off grid” and “catches its own rainwater, generates its own electricity and stays at a steady 72 degrees all year round without the use of any fuel or electricity what-so-ever!” Humans interested in keeping the planet healthy rejoice! (There’s even a 26 minute intro video to the house!)

Cubehouse in the Center of Rotterdam, Netherlands

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep inside an Escher painting now’s your chance. Cubehouse is the quintessential odd-ball of the AirBnb community and frequently is mentioned for being so unique. Three stories of 90-degree goodness complete with all of the amenities. There’s even a top-floor with a 360 degree view of the “very center of Rotterdam.”

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, US

Some people love dogs, others really love dogs. The Dog Bark Park B&B is a testament to these extra-special dog lovers. If you’ve ever wanted to spend a few nights within a dog, this dog-themed residence may be your only option. Dogs are allowed-- go-figure.

A Night at Corheve (In a skilift!)l: Airbnb Sweepstakes

This has got to be one of the coolest AirBnb rental properties on the list; Helicopter transportation, exclusive ski-slope access, and a night with friends 9000 feet above the ground in a ski-lift. Sadly, this was a one-off stay due to an AirBnb contest won by a group of friends. What a killer story for the grandkids later on in life. Who knows, if the demand is strong enough, maybe we’ll see a second-coming of the ski-lift room on AirBnb.

A Beautiful Cottage Close to Geysir, Iceland

You might have to drive in a 4 by 4 to get to this Icelandic oasis during winter months, but your stay in this “magical cottage” will surely be rewarded. There isn’t any light pollution so you can expect to see the legendary aurora lights. Everyone raves about the helpful hosts, and there’s a hot tub you can lounge in while admiring the sunset. What’s not to love here?

Beached Boat, Venice, US

Usually, a beached boat would be considered minor a catastrophe. Unless that boat has “modern luxury” and is located just a block from the beach in the Marina Del Ray area of Southern California. Expect boat on the outside, and leisure on the inside.

“George Washington Slept Here” House, US

Sometimes, a property is wondrous solely because of it’s backstory. This country house was a frequent stop for none other than George Washington. If you’d like to share the same room our MVP founding father did, I’d strongly recommend looking into a stay here.

Ex-Tour Bus Home, Sweden

So you wanna be a rockstar? This renovated tour bus, in Sweden, may be your last chance! You might not get to experience crippling hangovers or pre-show anxiety, but you’ll certainly be well-rested and amidst nature.   

Vintage Bohemian Camper Van, Los Angeles, US

It’s a camper van converted to Bohemian wonderment. I can’t imagine the miles per gallon is anything above 15, but it’s not like Hybrid’s have sinks and beds in them. If you’re feeling quirky and would like four wheels under your head at night, this beast resides around the LA area.

Royal Train Carriage Pokolbin, Australia

Thomas the Tank would be proud of this AirBnb property (or perhaps extremely frightened, now that I think about it). Basically, you can find train carriages converted to sleeping quarters in Pokolbin, Australia. One reviewer commented that his carriage was ”beautiful, comfortable, clean, and unique-- a perfect mix of vintage and modern accommodations.” Conductor hats not included.


So what do you guys think? Share this article with a loved one who'd be down for a weird night or two through AirBnb! 

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