Travel Tracker Platinum PR Brief

Hot off the success of Landmass’ first World Map and USA National Parks Map, we’re excited to debut the Travel Tracker Map Platinum, an upgraded scratch-off world map.

Forty-eight percent of Americans don't have passports and the Landmass mission is to encourage Americans to travel abroad and and be more aware of the global community.

The new Travel Tracker Map Platinum will launch on Kickstarter on Oct 19th, inviting the community of travelers to support the project and be the first customers to receive the map at generous discounted price. While the Kickstarter goal is to raise $11,000 for the project, the real goal is to get a community of people behind Landmass products, company and mission.

The Kickstarter video was shot on a trip abroad to Barcelona with a German director and Spanish and Dutch actresses, exemplifying the immersive, collaborative and global experiences the company wants to incite in others as they get to know new people from other countries and cultures. 

Landmass started humbly in 2013 while founder Alfred Megally was on a sabbatical in Colombia. To date, Alfred has lived in eight countries and began making maps while creating interactives for Harvard.

What makes our map better:

  • Large and frameable size 24"x36” inch. In other words buy-a-frame-from-ikea size.
  • Quirky triangular packaging to make the best gift
  • Capitals of the world
  • US/CA/AU states outlined
  • Flags of the world
  • Bathymetry (measurement of depth of water in oceans and seas)
  • Island halos to make trips to smaller geographical islands pop. 


Alfred Megally  founded Landmass in 2013, and has lived in eight countries (Egypt, Germany, Vietnam, USA, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain). He believes the USA would be a better place if more people traveled abroad.