Keep track of the places you've traveled on our best world map yet!

The Travel Tracker Map Platinum lets you scratch off where you've been and reveals vibrant colors underneath. 

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Our original 17”x24” map is already the best scratch off world map out there. This one is even better. Check out all the goodies that make this...this!

  • Easy standard frame size. 24" x 36”. In other words, buy-a-frame-from-Ikea size. 
  • Packaging designed for gifting. Quirky triangular box where you pull an  airplane to open the box.
  • Learn the world capitals. They're all on there. (What's the capital of Costa Rica?)
  • Track your adventures in the US States. All the US states are outlined, as are the Canadian Provinces, and Australian Territories. 
  • Get lost in the international flags. 210 world flags ready for extra scratching. 
  • Explore the deepest parts of the oceans. The bathymetry is outlined with different shades of blue to show you the water depths of the world.  
  • See your travels pop. Super colorful laminated poster so that your travels stand out after you scratch them off. 


Having a conversation piece like this in your house or office encourages meaningful interactions around peak travel moments. Pair the Travel Tracker Map Platinum with a bookshelf filled with your favorite literature, a bottle of wine, and let the good conversations roll.

Any traveler in your life would be elated to receive this and at the Kickstarter exclusive price you can buy now and save it as gift for someone in the future.







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