Outreach and Affiliate Manager

Do people love getting your emails? Can you connect with others in a genuine way online? Do you have project management chops where you can manage multiple relationships and make sure they're happy working with you?

We are Landmass Goods. We make the best world maps out there - including scratch off and color-in maps. All our products are designed with care and have months of detail work behind them. We are in saturated space with lots of competitors, and we do well because we care about our maps and our customers.

We're looking for someone who is connected to the travel blogging world, maybe you're travel blogger yourself, to help us with a new affiliate program. 

Your role would start out on a project basis and grow from there.

The initial tasks are:

  • Sort through a list of travel bloggers and identify people that could benefit from introducing our maps to their audiences. 
  • Email them connecting around their work and why you think it's a particularly good fit for them. 
  • Set them up on our affiliate program so they can earn a percentage of sales for maps purchased by their audience. 
  • Follow up and offer tips to help them make the most of the opportunity 
  • Keep in touch with our group of travel bloggers on a monthly basis and help them by sharing tips you collected

Your skills:

  • A-class writing (You're thinking you could write this post over and make it more engaging)
  • Ability to make someone's day via email that you haven't been introduced to. 
  • Organization and consistency (You can maintain several threads of communication without dropping anything)

To apply, please email alfred @ landmassgoods.com with your availability and why you'd be great at this. Anything you can include to help prove why you're a fit would highly improve your chances!