Ecommerce Marketer and Manager 

Two years after humble beginnings, this little travel prints company is itching to grow.
For the right person this is a dream job. You can use your experience in ecommerce and business chops to lead and maintain the company. 
With a company this size, you'll get to experiment and see your ideas through at jet-speeds.

You Role:

We're looking for a leader who is also an operator. You'll collaboratively strategize to grow the company and also implement your own plans until you can replace yourself in various roles.
Experience with another ecommerce company is essential as you'll have to dive right in with little training and quickly fill in the gaps.
Your role will be:
  1. Learning and maintaining all business aspects of the company, including overseeing an operations assistant, accounting, marketing channels, paid advertisements and outreach activities.
  2. Creating and implementing new plans to grow the company

You'll be working alongside the founder of the company who will serve as the creative director. You'll brainstorm ideas together, and then implement them handling all the logistics and keeping track of the results.


You'll hit the ground running auditing the business and suggesting new activities based on your experience. 

The first task will be creating strategizing a new marketing channel for the company and fully implementing it semi-independently. This will be viewed as trial for both of us, to see how we work together. 

From there, if the fit is right, you’ll expand into implementing your own ideas along with learning the business so you can maintain it properly

Here are a few other ideas that will likely come up in the early stages

  • Building out a pinterest marketing plan
  • Creating a campus rep program and hiring an associate to run it
  • Managing and learning from our operations assistant and adding to our company wiki
  • Giving feedback on product development and helping plan logistics around new production runs
  • Making updates to the website copy
  • Becoming familiar with our finances


You MUST have significant experience with another ecommerce company

Although you'll learn a lot on the job, we need you to have professional experience with another online store. There is too much to learn if you don't have any exposure to this type of business. Ideally you were a generalist at your past company and know many parts of the operation.

You like people and enjoy connecting online

     This is a people based role where you'll be interacting with contractors and customers regularly. You should be able to keep others motivated and provide feedback. When doing outreach, people should be pumped to get your email in their inbox and enjoy corresponding with you. 


     You're going to be maintaining and adding to a heavily systemized business. You’re analytical and don't have excel-o-phobia. You're comfortable creating a process for everything you do daily. And creating processes for those who could be reporting with you in the future. 

Ability to work independently and solid communications skills 

     In the beginning, you’ll be spending more than half the time working on your own physically speaking. You should be comfortable with this, and able to communicate clearly with partners and staff, both via email and phone. 

  • A love for getting organized on Asana
  • Tight visual taste and basic image editing skills
  • Some playtime with paid advertising


  • The first project will be a semi-isolated marketing project and will be seen as a trial to see how we work together. 
  • This isn't a coasting job. You’ll be leading a company and directly responsible for growth in both strategy and implementation. 
  • You'll be expected to create goals for yourself and hit them. You'll need a get-it-done attitude. 
  • You'll work mostly on your own. Which means you'll have to be organized and self-motivated to hit the deadlines you create for yourself. Initially, there will be co-working and collaboration with the founder on business aspects.


  • Austin based job but with the freedom to take stints working abroad. You’ll be able to work from home or where you choose after you get ramped up. 
  • A solid starting salary and possible revenue share when you're committed.
  • A high growth role that can put you in a linchpin position quickly 
  • Lots of learning and a laboratory for short feedback-loop experimentation


Email with your letter of interest. Let us know your direct experience with ecommerce and marketing. Give us your resume or linkedin as a way to get an overview of your story. Send us a social media account that is your own, or that you've managed. 

Beyond that, submit what results you were responsible for in the past or what might be relevant in a succinct email. We want to know that you care and can be the person painted above. Put [Landmass Goods Marketer Manager] in your subject line to make it through the filters. Application deadline is April 28th.