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Travel Tracker Map™ Platinum - XL Special Edition Map - Scratch off where you've been!

Get ready to get traveling and share the stories of your adventures with our extra large scratch off world map. Our platinum map lives on your wall as a visual archive of your memories. It's a piece that gets people talking about where they've been and where you want to go. 
Most exciting of all, it's guaranteed to get you motivated to go on your next trip of a lifetime. Sometimes you just need a reminder on your wall of how fun your last trip with, so you can take your next one.
Buy good, give good. Each purchase supports our mission of making America more globally minded. We give 10% of our profits to grants, scholarships and not-for-profits doing good for the world. 

Your map is made in the USA with ethical standards by Landmass Goods and our local print partners. 

  • Better than your friends map. Details down to individual cities and states. Made my a team of expert cartographers and designers to be the highest quality map out there. 
  • Easy standard frameable size. 24" x 36”. In other words, buy-a-frame-from-Ikea and pop it in there. 
  • Learn the world capitals. They're all on there. (What's the capital of Costa Rica?!)
  • Track your adventures in the US States. All the US states are outlined, as well as Canadian Provinces, and Australian Territories. 
  • Get lost in the international flags. 210 world flags.
  • Explore the deepest parts of the oceans. The bathymetry is outlined with different shades of blue to show you the water depths of the world.  (Pronounced ba-symmetry. Your word of the day.  )
  • See your travels pop. Super colorful laminated poster so that your travels stand out from across the room.
  • Designed and made in the USA


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