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Magnetic Wooden Hanger Frame For Maps, Posters, Prints, Photos, Artwork - 40" Wide


Display your posters and prints with our 40" wide Hugger Frame ™.  


40" Wide Frame - This high-quality magnetic poster hanger frame holds your prints with strong magnets so you can take it off the wall and switch out prints with ease. The frame perfectly fits your 40 (w) x 30 (h) print or any print that is 20" wide.

Complete Kit - 4 magnetized wooden bars are included along with 2 sets of hanging straps and a nail. 

Easy To Use - Using the two bars with the strap attachment, place the top edge of your print on top of one wooden bar. Gently place the matching bar on top of the sandwich you print in between. Repeat on the bottom edge.

We stand behind the quality of our frames with a 100% money back guarantee!